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We at BeKnown Enterprise is a team of multidisciplinary digital product experts focused on IT solutions, including front-end and back-end development, UI/UX design, animations, digital establishment, product design, data management, application development, cloud services, graphic design, and IT support.

Distributed team of 20+ experts

Clients with 50+% Business Growth

7 Years of Market Time


Frontend Development
Expertise in ReactJS, TypeScript, NextJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Proficient in UI libraries and frameworks such as Material UI, Chakra UI, AntD.
Data visualization with Recharts, Vega, D3
Animation using Framer Motion, GSAP
Experience with state management tools like Redux, Jotai, Redux Toolkit
Mobile app development with React Native and Expo
Desktop app development with Electron
API integration using Axios, SWR
Web performance optimization with Web Vitals
Progressive Web App (PWA) development
Backend Development
Specialization in NodeJS, TypeScript, NestJS, Express
Proficiency in both REST and GraphQL APIs.
Experience with popular databases like Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
Cloud platform integration with AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud.
API documentation using Swagger.
Expertise in scalable architecture design using Nx and microservices.
Message queue implementation using RabbitMQ.
Email service integration with Nodemailer.
Templating engines such as EJS, HBS.
Deployment and process management with PM2.
Serverless application development.
Scheduling tasks with Cron Jobs.
Integration with Firebase services.
UI/UX Designing
Creation of visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
Wireframing and prototyping.
Information architecture and user flows.
Responsive design for various devices.
Collaboration and iteration with stakeholders.
Accessibility and usability considerations.
Style guide creation.
Creation of engaging and interactive animations.
Motion design for web and mobile.
CSS animations and transitions.
JavaScript-based animations.
Integration of animation libraries and frameworks.
Digital Establishment
Setting up digital presence for businesses.
Web development and design.
SEO optimization.
Social media integration.
Content management system implementation.
E-commerce platform setup.
Product Designs
User research and user experience (UX) design.
User interface (UI) design.
Prototyping and iterative design.
Design systems and component libraries.
Usability testing and feedback incorporation.
Collaboration with development teams.
Data Management
Database design and implementation.
Data modeling and schema development.
Data migration and integration.
Data warehousing and analytics.
Data security and privacy.
Application Development
Custom application development.
Full-stack application development.
Cross-platform mobile app development.
Progressive web app (PWA) development.
Integration of third-party APIs and services.
Testing and quality assurance.
Cloud Services
Cloud architecture design and implementation.
Cloud infrastructure management.
Cloud migration and deployment.
Scalability and performance optimization.
Serverless computing.
Monitoring and logging.
Graphic Designs
Logo design and branding.
Marketing collateral design.
Illustrations and icons.
Print and digital media design.
Visual identity and style guide.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Local SEO targeting for location-specific visibility.
SEO audits and competitive analysis.
Technical SEO optimization (site speed, mobile responsiveness, structured data).
SEO-friendly content creation and optimization.
SEO reporting and performance tracking.
Ongoing SEO strategy and adjustments based on search engine algorithm updates.
Digital Marketing.
Advertising & Online Campaigns
Social Media Setup & Maintenance
Search Engine Listing


We use our digital product design and development expertise to achieve quantifiable business goals, build a strong design framework early on and empower our clients to continue maintaining a consistent product.


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